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Reflexxions is a non-word. Or it was! The influence is my daughter Alexx, someone not satisfied with the name she was allocated at birth. By adding the extra x she created a unique name, So here’s to you Alexx, someone who is challenging the world of processed, un-nourishing food, and with 30,000+ Facebook Followers is doing something about it, making a difference! AlexxStuart.com

You can also join her journey on Facebook. Click here

My younger daughter is making a difference too. As Community leader, recently appointed, at the Climate Council she will play her part in creating new understanding of the challenges and solutions available to combat climate change, a task made harder by misinformation and denial, and a media environment where debate and learning has all but ceased.

Reflexxions will enable me to explore ideas, images and notions of change and encourage engagement to develop our society better than we presently do.


I’m John Swainston. I have spent 45 years in the sound and imaging industry in the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia. I’ve been an employee at a senior level in several corporate entities. I was Managing Director and a major owner of what grew to be a multi-million dollar import and distribution business for 25 years. I have seen with growing horror the ability of a vested-interest minority hijack major initiatives for environmental progress. Now I’m embarked on a new chapter in life, writing, photographing, consulting. You can reach me through the email address here on this site.

One thought on “About Reflexxions”

  1. Hi John, great to meet and listen to you in the Blue Mountains recently – and see those amazing ceilings – at our photography club. It was a quite memorable. You and I chatted about items from your discussion with us for an article in our monthly newsletter.
    I’d like to include that in the next one, deadline far too soon. Are you able to send? With many thanks. And lovely to meet your very active daughters as well! Cheers Jan

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